Monday, February 02, 2009

1 stitch, 2 stitch, 3 stitch, 4!

My inability to stay healthy in the winter has continued for another year. Although, knock on wood, this year hasn’t sidelined me nearly as much as years previous.

Not sure if it was my lack of balance, coordination or trail conditions, but this years incident occurred while mountain biking at S. SeaTac park. What I thought was a simple left hand turn, wound up being a total washing out of the bike and me sprawled out amongst the wet leaves and dirt. My first instinct was to get up and jump on my legs to ensure my hip was still in working order <> All was good until I noticed the rip in my lycra and a bit of blood oozing. I collected my thoughts and rode back to Blue Star and TH to access the damage. Upon arrival the cut was obviously deeper than originally thought. After a debate about going to the hospital or not, it was decided to have it looked at by a doctor. A quick visit to the Urgent Care in downtown led to 8 stitches to heal up the piece of meat hanging off my leg. Quick note, Urgent Care facilities in downtown Seattle are convenient and serve a purpose, but if you ever want to see a little slice of the under belly of Seattle it's worth a visit.
Recent winter injuries:

2003/04 – mononucleosis
2004/05 – torn ligaments in my right ankle
2005/06 – food poisoning, sprained ankle and minor surgery.
2006/07 – broken femur
2007/08 – strained back and patella issue in right knee
2008/09 – 8 stitches in my left hip

Keep on keepin on in 09!