Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Q308 P&L Update

Since I seem to be updating my blog about as often as public company’s post their quarterly reports I figured I would provide an overview of my last quarter. Similar to “in the red” and “in the black” my past quarter has been a series of positive gains and areas of opportunities (a more positive spin on negatives or areas that didn’t meet expectations).

7/22 - Lease on apartment is up, haven't found a house to purchase and move into friends house. -7%

8/3 - Xterra Black Diamond Off-Road Triathlon - first off-road triathlon since my injury. 10th overall, 2 AG. Xterra racing is awesome. If I could only swim more efficiently I would strictly race Xterra and nothing else. +15%

8/5 - Appendicitis - One day after the Xterra I have huge stomach cramps during work. I think it's a stomach flu and go home. After asking my roommate what I should do I drive myself to the ER. 10 hours later my appendix was removed. After several discussions with the dr. appendicitis could definitely had been a culprit to some of my weird experience I was having throughout the year. -25%
I was so bloated it felt like I was three months pregnant...although i really have no idea how that feels.

8/9 - Against doctors orders I travel to Mazama to attend Marna and Marks wedding. A day after the wedding and 4 days after surgery I rock climb for the first time. Probably not the smartest thing I have ever done, but hey, I've never said I was the sharpest tool in the shed. Flat to PY.
8/27 - Happy 34th Birthday!

8/28 - Friend’s lease is up and I have to move again. Second move in under a month. Move to a house sitting jig. -20%

8/29 - Head to Hood River, OR for some mountain biking and drinking. +7%

9/5 - Head to Tahoe for the Tahoe 100 MTB race. Decide due to recent surgery that the race is not a great idea and instead do three days of epic riding with Heather. Only drawback was getting dusted by Heather in the descents. That girl has skillz! +18%

9/17 - One of my surgery incisions becomes infected. With a local anaesthetic they re-cut back into my skin and remove a pesky suture that had gone sideways. Yuck! -12%

9/18 - Decide to enter a ½ marathon to celebrate two years since breaking my femur. +6%

9/21 - Race first cyclocross race in two years. Although my technical skills were lacking the pain involved in cross racing was quickly remembered. Ouch! +3%

9/26 - Decide to take another Tahoe trip. This time I focused on trail running, but also was able to get a few choice bike rides! +12%

10/1 - House sitting jig is over and still no house. Move into my brother's house...hello one-hour commute. -22%

10/10 - Park City trip with Marna, Mark and Stephanie. Chilly ride, but you can never complain when you are mtb riding on the Mid-Mountain trail in Park City. +15%

10/19 - Cross race at S. SeaTac park. Able to muster a top 15 place after blowing up with 1 lap to go. +2%

10/20 - Bad news...I don’t make the Astana cycling team. Apparently the last roster spot went to some guy named Lance?? -9%

10/26 - Cross race at Ft. Steilacoom and another top 15 finish. +4%

11/1 - Move into new home. First time in two years that all my belonging are under one roof.

My bikes are very happy for their new home!

11/5 - 2nd Anniversary of snapping my femur!!!!!! +7%

11/9 - Cross race in Bremerton. Decide to race with Men's 3 Masters and proceed to get dusted by the competition. Dusted or not, you can't be unhappy when you have finished a cross race. +5%

12/7 - Las Vegas 1/2 Marathon. First 1/2 marathon in almost 3 years. Miss my goal time by 2 minutes, but still go 1:27:56 to finish 55th out of 11,000 runners. +10%

12/11 - Visit NYC. Run in Central Park, Broadway show with Kristie and spread joy with 3000 other Santa's during Santacon. Ho Ho Ho! +21%

12/25 Christmas with the family. Priceless!

12/31 NYE with good friends in winthrop. +30%

It's difficult to place an equal weight to all events, but based on the rest of the economy I would say AV Adventures is trending better than most and is a solid buy for 2009.

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