Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Squamish Part 1 - Victory

This three part story of heroism begins with our hero joining his three teammates for the MOMAR Adventure Race. An adventure of mountain bike, trekking and rappelling in the majestic town of Squamish, BC, Canada, that would test their courage in the face of danger and adversity from a position of weakness.

Armed with their new Gregory Iso Packs from MPGear.com, fueled by Clif Bars and hydrated by nuun our demigods where well prepared for combat. The battlefield was vicious, but led by the fearless navigation and diesel powered legs of MHayz, the team was confident in their abilities for victory.

The contest would start with a 1.5 mile run, followed by a short, lung busting mountain bike ride and then a longer trekking section.

Our competitors would slowly slay one team after another on the trek as they made their way back to the bikes. The team encountered it's first adversity when the saddle of Chris's steed snapped. Unfazed, they slowly nursed the mount back to ride able shape. The repair would cost the team 20 minutes and they would need to persevere to make up lost time. Digging deep into the hurt locker would be needed for the remainder of the bike and into the next trekking section. Adverity would strike again with a errand turn on the trekking section that would take the team several hundred feet down a trail in the wrong direction. The correction was quickly noticed by MHayz and with a drawn sword he would lead the team swiftly back on their way to the rappel. A short run, bike and run awaited our hero's, who in a display of self-sacrifice for one another finished the race with a first place showing in the 4-person co-ed division.

A storybook ending of moral excellence and the greater good, our hero's enjoyed libations and the beautiful scenery that only Canadians can offer.

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