Sunday, May 04, 2008


Those not familiar with the term DFL let me provide some guidance. The first word stands for “Dead” and the last word stands for “Last”. I will let your imagination conjure something for the middle word. DFL is the place I received at the 2008 Sea Otter Classic XC mountain bike race. This is single handedly the most embarrassing race I have ever competed. In hindsight I should not have started (bad knee, no intensity training and a brand new bike), but having a competitive nature, already traveled to Monterey, CA. and feeling the energy from the Otter, I felt compelled to race. Bad, bad, bad decision. The race was tragic from the start. I’m sure my wattage profile would resemble that of my 7 year old nephews on his BMX bike. Not to say that Jake (nephew) can’t throw down some watts for a 7 year old, but probably not the ideal results needed for my race. I have never wanted to pack in a race so badly. Sara (Andy’s wife and super-star support) greeted me after lap one with a smile (a worried smile) and encouragement to finish the race. I can honestly say if she had not been there I would have quietly tucked my tail between the legs and crawled off the course. I’m glad I finished the race, even though the sting of last place is going to haunt me for some time.

I’m not sure where this leaves me. Well, actually it left me in last place, but on the mental side, I’m in some darkness. I’ve counted on exercise as my therapy for the past 7 years, but the thought of getting fat, drinking and partaking in other extra curricular activities is sounding pretty darn good.

On the positive side, my new bike looked like a lightening fast cheetah and the Mafia Team kits were fresh. Now, I just need to get my head on straight, my pistons firing on all cylinders and find a way to get EPO prescribed to me. BC Bike race is less than two-months away! Blue Star is rocking and I need to find some extra HP if I am going to be able to uphold my end of the team.

Trying to find some umph! on the XC course, but could only find ouch!

Blue Star warming up before a solid Semi-pro finish!

Start of the pro men's short track race.

DT Swiss's new carbon mtb wheelset. The pair will cost you around $2400 and your good kidney! I'm tempted!


DARTvg said...

DUDE, pick that head up and remember it can only get better from here! Nice work, honestly. When I get back from Lake mead it is all Mt Bike all the time until the cream puff...lets ride some hills and up the HP!

AVRacing said...

Giddy-up. Thanks for the encouragement brosef! Have a killer race in Mead and looking forward to hitting the mtb trails with RVG when you get back.