Friday, December 28, 2007

Project Carbon Goodness

The sweet goodness of carbon arrived on Christmas Eve by the gentle, caring hands of Santa (aka UPS Driver) and thus started Project Carbon Goodness (PCG). PCG is the project to develop a sub 20lb XC mountain bike. The project will be directed and engineered by Blue Star Racing. I will provide funding for the project and in no way handle any of the assembly. My main role is sideline encouragement, try not to get in the way and nourishment (I will also bring food for wages).

Are you kidding me?
The frame is disgustingly lightweight, to the point of being a bit scary. I think the scarier part is once this bike is complete it will be too fast for the rider. Combined with its older sister, my current Specialized Epic Carbon FS, I will have two of the faster XC bikes on the market. And let’s be realist, I am in no way worthy of riding either of these bikes. It’s like owning a Ferrari and only being able to drive a VW. A bit pointless, but hey, half the battle is looking good on the trail…right? What’s the other half???


The biggest question now is what bike to race at the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo? Decisions, decisions…poor me! The race is less than two months away. My training is going very well and I think there is a good chance of finishing top 5 at this race. My teammate for the race, TH, is in limbo for the race and my backup teammate would be my Mafia Racing teammate Travis, but I am still waiting on his confirmation. I am truly lucky to have the opportunity to race with either and hopefully I will have a solid answer soon, so I can stop stressing.

I am not worthy

Until next time…Keep it Fresh!


Hart said...

hey easy on the VW cheap shots!

Glenn said...

What do you have the baby resting on. Are you out of your mind. Build her a nice rack with soft plush arms to hold her. Not hard cold metal. What do you expect out of her when you treat her like that. Your a complete ass and will be lucky if she EVER lets you ride her.

Just my 2 cents