Friday, December 14, 2007

Lady Latte III Ride

This winters training is an absolute blessing compared to last year. I have been dealing with a pesky back issue that has limited my training to biking and lifting, but I am not complaining. I am also not complaining about my recent weekend road rides. This is the first time since living in SoCal in 2004 that I have been able to establish some great base miles in the winter. I plan on building my base for another 5 weeks before I start working on some speed. Although, enough about training and let’s get back to the pertinent information in this blog…the Lady Latte.

The Lady Latte espresso shack is located on Broadway Ave in Snohomish. Andy and I were lucky to stumble upon Lady Latte during our abbreviated Pie Ride. The Pie Ride is a great 4+ hour ride to Snohomish with a pit stop at a Pie Shop in downtown Snohomish. The pie is great, but the espresso at Lady Latte is heavenly. The white foam that covered the brown goodness was light and sweet. The coffee was hot and peaked out from under the soft white foam just enough to allow your taste buds to imagine the sweet beverage before drinking. Once cradles in my hands the latte provided warmth and comfort, but lacked a bit of longevity. The relationship ended as soon as it began and it was back the bike for the cold ride home.

Ride – 4 stars
Coffee – 3.5 stars
Ambiance – 4.5 stars

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