Monday, August 13, 2007

Super Adventure!!!

Yowser, my life is turning into the greatest Choose Your Own Adventure book of all time. I have made more decision in the past 12-16 months than I have in my entire life and I do not see any end in site. Not sure if this is good or bad, but at least I haven’t turned to a page that has resulted in fatal error (falling into a snake pit, getting caught in a bear trap…set by the bear, harpooned while trying to save the whales and uncover lost treasures!!!).

My most recent change has been the most nerve racking of my life, but is also providing a sense of freedom and elation I haven’t felt in some time. My split with Katherine 12 months ago was scary, but we both knew it was for the betterment of both our lives so that provided some consolation to the final decision. I will get into details of my latest life change in upcoming posts. Until then, I will have much more time on my hands to train and work with my brother in our real estate development company.

In the meantime, I have recently returned from Hawaii, were I enjoyed some splendid weather, great adventures, good food, libations and good company (thanks JP!). The top highlights from the trip:

1. Excessive pouring to the gods and several unscheduled trips down the steep ravine at the 4-Seasons. (sorry had to be there).
2. Running in the bamboo forest (very first run since breaking my femur 9 months ago!!) was ugly, but I swear it was running or some form there of!

3. Swimming in the waterfalls at the bamboo forest. I kept getting out looking for leeches on my body...ala "Stand By Me"
4. Sea Kayaking in 3-7’ swells.
5. 7am ocean swims…unbelievable yet extremely eerie! I kept looking around for ocean critters...mainly those of gray color and sharp teeth.
6. Eating dinner on Maui in a dark, rustic, windowless Italian restaurant while being served by an old, yet charming, ex-Vegas cocktail hostess “Roxy”. I was so confused that night!
7. Biking up (and then down) the 10,023’ Haleakala Volcano! One of the most magical and breathtaking rides of my life.

I am trying to figure out how to upload You Tube videos...hand tight I'm kind of slow at these things!

It is now less than two weeks away from the Endurance 100 in Park City, Utah. The level of fear, excitement and anxiety is reaching new levels. The weekend will serve as my 33rd b-day weekend (my birthday is on the 27th if you want to send presents or cards. I love cash, shiny new carbon bike parts and Kenneth Cole shoes! Cheers

Keepin the rubber side down (most of the time)!!!!

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