Sunday, August 19, 2007

Col du Knoble Knob and Col du Suntop

The Col du Galibier is one of the most impressive climbs in the French Alps and when used, is the highest point in the Tour de France (TdF). The climb to the summit starts at Valloire and is 18.1km long at an average gradient of 6.9% with a maximum 10.1% near the summer. It seems this is a challenge for the light weight roadies of the TdF, as the commentators often use phrases such as "the riders are literally tearing themselves inside out battling up the Galibier". Hmm, must be difficult to ride a 16lb bike up a paved road with tires inflated to 110psi.

However, in training for the upcoming Endurance 100 I needed a bigger, more difficult challenge. TH and I set out to tackle the Col du Knoble Knob and Col du Suntop in the beautiful Cascade Mountain Ranges. The weather was absolutely beautiful for our ride and the ride proved to be a great confidence booster for the upcoming race. Below are the statistic for our ride and you can also find a link to our GPS Motion Based log of the ride here.

Distance - 43.24 miles

Time - 5:59:27

Elevation Gain - 9,120'

Average Grade - 9.0% (eat that Contador)

Image of Mt. Rainier near the summit of Suntop!

I am still going to suffer in the E100 and yes, it is very likely I will be found weeping in the fetal position somewhere along the trail. But I promise myself that I will eventually pick myself up, change my diaper and finish the race.

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Hart said...

well done, impressive stats. i'm jealous.