Friday, July 13, 2007

Mt Peak, 3pm - Fight!

Long before the octagon was made popular by the UFC, there was Mt. Peak in Enumclaw. Many disagreements, feuds and general displeasures where settled at the base of the mountain. Growing up in a small town, fights were as popular as Friday night football and Mt. Peak saw its fair share of fist-a-cuffs. I was definitely not one to be involved in the activities as a participant, but I cheered on my share of scuffles. I knew better than to try my hand at bare knuckle brawling. As a 5'10", 135 lb teenager I saw the inevitable writing on the wall and decided I was much better off as a spectator rather than a scrapper. Let's just say I understood my place in the Darwin world...I'm a lover not a fighter.

However, I think I can relate this evening with the feelings and anxiety of pubescent boys who decided in third period gym class after a heated game of floor hockey that they were going to dual at Mt. Peak. At the time of the argument, tempers flare, but after fourth, fifth and leading into sixth period I am sure one of the boys is having second thoughts of their earlier actions. However, at this point there is no turning back. News of the fight spread through campus quicker than the class slut shedding her dress on prom night. The under card was sent, the train of cars after school looked like a funeral precession. No turning back!

Today I pre-rode the course for this Sunday's Gear Jammer race in Squamish BC Canada. The 50km mountain bike race uses some of the same trails on the more popular Test of Metal, but there is much more technical single track. Technical single track that destroys your hands, kidneys, back and in general your entire body. My endurance is slowly starting to build up, but my technical riding is still sub-par...and sub-par is disastrous on this course. My original intent was to try and ride a top 10% finish, but now I am thinking a top 30 or 40% would be satisfactory. Hell, if I finish I will be happy. Throw in a recently acquired Plantar Fascitis and I have all the makings for a serious thumping.

At this point there is no turning back. I have picked the fight and now I must pay the piper. I'm just hoping to get in a few good licks before all hell breaks loose. Who knows, maybe I will connect with a haymaker early in the fight and salvage my dignity...I can dream. Until Sunday, I'm going to continue to talk tough..."you and me at Peak at're going down"...LET'S GET IT ON!!!!

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