Monday, July 02, 2007

Its Been Awhile

Sorry to all my fans that have not received their daily dose of AVAdventures. The hate mail is not necessary. I've been busy training, taking some small vacations and actually racing a bit. My leg is healing well, although I am still somewhat discouraged that I can not run yet. I think this is really starting to wear on me mentally. My job has been mentally exhausting, so I think between the mental drain of my professional career and my inability to run really has me down.

I was in Squamish this weekend pre-riding the Gear Jammer course and visiting with Seegs and Ty. They are such wonderful people and I am very jealous of their situation up in Squamish. I guess the grass is always greener, but the riding up their is amazing. In regards to the riding...mine was horrific. I couldn't get my HR high and my technical skills were laughable...not by me, but anyone watching me. It was wet, slick and rooted and I was on my butt 8-10 times during the ride. I lost track after the 2nd or 3rd over the handle bars. I ended up getting lost several occasions and never did finish the course. This should be interesting as the race is in 2 weeks. Wish me luck!

On Sunday I rode 9 mile hill and the rip with Jen. Again, couldn't get my HR to elevate. Argh! It was a beautiful ride none the less.

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