Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Back in the Saddle - 24 Hour Race

Oooh-weee did it feel good to be back in the saddle for an endurance race. Memorial Day weekend I teamed up with four other gents for the 24 hour mountain bike race in Spokane, WA. At first I was hoping to do a two-person team, but in the end, my body would not have been ready for that kind of thrashing.

The S-Works ready for battle.

The race went well for the team and we ended up with a podium finish (3rd). We started off the first several rotations in first, but our team faded in the night and we could never recover our losses. The team was not ultra-competitive, but a wonderful group of riders to tear up the trail and share some laughs.

2nd lap - fast split of 56 minutes...only 4 minutes off the fastest split of the race.

I still have notions of wanting to do a solo 24 hour mountain bike race, but I need to be realistic at this point, listen to my body and aim for something next year.

Stretching it out (too lazy to rotate photo...common theme starting)

Preparing for the night time festivities!

Five laps down and feeling stout!