Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Comeback Tour '07

I am throwing my hat back into the ring, er trail in this aspect. I have officially signed up for my comeback race of the year…actually two races, but only one being the main P1 race. My original intent was to race the Leadville 100 in Colorado, but my entry was not accepted. Instead I have signed up for the Endurance 100 in Park City, UT on August 25th. This will be 2 days before my 33rd birthday and what a better way to celebrate than busting my lungs over 100 miles at 7000’+ elevation. I will use the Gear Jammer in Squamish B.C., Canada as my warm-up race.

The media build up to this event is going to be huge. Yes, Basso and Landis are receiving much of the attention right now, but once this news bit gets leaked to the press, watch out. I am fully aware of the naysayer’s and cretins who feel this is beyond my ability level and to you I say, “yah, you’re probably right, but what the hay!” I’ve never been one to use my intelligence in signing up for races and I am consistently biting off more than I can chew. So why change now?

I am stoked for the race and a bit nervous. Endurance mountain biker god Tinker Juarez won the race last year at just over 11 hours, so I can only imagine that my bootie will be in the saddle for well over 13. It should be fun or at the very least an experience soon not to be forgotten.

Media inquires can be sent to aaronvanderwaal@yahoo.com. I am available for photo shoots (nudies optional), autograph signings and appearances. Cost is determined on a case by case basis.


Hart said...

dood did you rock spokanistan!?

AVRacing said...

I managed some decent lap times. Consistently around 57:00 to 59:00. Leg felt good and endurance was fair. Speed is still lacking, but feeling pretty darn good.