Sunday, March 25, 2007

Epic Jealousy

My leg is continuing to heal and I am slowly gaining back my strength and fitness. I am happy to see these improvements, as when my physical health improves so does my mental health, which has been unstable over the past several months. The most difficult part to deal with now is watching good friends participate in EPIC races. Please don't get me wrong...I will be sending positive vibes and cheering as loud as I can for them. The difficult part is not being able to race in these races or any races, regardless of length.

My Xterra buddies Tom and Jim are in South Africa competing in the Cape Epic Race. This is a grueling 8 stage race in beautiful South Africa. You can follow their adventures on their blog. They have completed the first two stages are doing extremely well. Sitting around 137th out of 450+ male teams.

On the AR side of my world the boys and girls from DART-nuun are having some fun at the Baja Travesia adventure race in Northern Baja California, Mexico. This race looks like an absolute blast and a definite on next years race schedule. DART is throwing two teams into the mix. The race started today, but I am unsure of their current position. Updates will be shown on the teams blogsite.

Good Luck to everyone. Keep the rubber side down, keep safe and kick some heinie!

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