Monday, February 19, 2007

One Small Step for Aaron, One Giant Leap...

Actually there was no giant leap today and I don't know if I can draw comparison to Neil Armstrong's walk on the moon and my first steps since breaking my femur. However, we also don't know if Armstrong DID walk on the moon (holla to all my conspiracy theorist friends), but there were eye witnesses to my 30' walk down Stuart Jones PT Clinic. Will I get a hero's welcome for me feat, probably not, but I'm not in this for the notoriety and wealth. I'm doing this for the children, because they are the future of this great country...what the hell am I talking about.

To wrap this up, I took my first steps today without the assistance of crutches. My gait was a bit shaky and my hips uneven, but with each step I was able to smooth out the walk and near the end of the clinic was walking similar to a 14 month old baby. Giddy-up!

These feet are made for walking

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Hart said...

nice aaron... keep up the good work we have BIG race season coming up.