Monday, February 12, 2007

Fun in the Snow - Winter AR

4th Dimension Adventure Racing held it's very first race this past weekend at Hyak on Snoqualmie Pass. 4th DAR is a new event promotion company started by my teammate Roger Michel and his wife Yumay Chang. Roger is no rookie to endurance sports and with the structure provided by Yumay I am expecting bigger and longer races.

The race focused on disciplines of snowshoeing and navigation. Estimated winning time prior to the start of the race was around 3.5 hours with a final cut-off time of 7 hours. The field was composed of veteran AR teams and quite a few new faces, which is always welcome to see. A majority of the teams arrived the night prior to enjoy pre-race nutrition loading and a good night sleep instead of opting for the early morning trudge up to the mountain. I opted for the former, as I was handling registration and helping Yumay keep Roger mental state in check.

The morning came way too soon, as registration opened back up at 5am. Everyone seems pretty stoked to get the race going. Roger provided final instructions, the raffle was held and maps were distributed by 7:30 with an anticipated start of 8am.

Everything went smooth and by 8:05 the gun, or in this case Roger's voice, sounded the start of the race. It was clear to see that the field would separate rather quickly. The lead teams easily ran across the slick bridge while other teams cautiously walked the bridge. Three teams set the early pace included DART-nuun and MOMAR, which was not a huge surprise. The race continued like this for most of the day with DART eventually pulling away for a solid victory with MOMAR finishing 2nd. The race course and conditions proved rather tricky for many of the teams. The lack of features available from the snow definitely caused some havoc for navigating and CP3 turned out to be the Achilles heal in many of the teams.

All the racers were treated to a great post-race food bonanza by Bruce. I am looking forward to future races by Roger and Yumay and hopefully my gimp leg will be healed and ready for battle.

Until then...keep the rubber side down.

On your marks...get set...

Dart-nuun taking 1st place

MOMAR with a great 2nd place effort

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