Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Proud Papa!

Today I took delivery of my new baby. Weighing in at just under 23.5 lbs., I took delivery today at 2:32pm from Black Diamond Bikes. She is healthy and ready to join her three siblings, including the Yeti.

I am still somewhat concerned with the reaction of the Yeti to the new arrival. I'm sure there will be times of guilt when the Yeti is not getting as much attention as before, but she will always be my first and I will set time aside just for the two of us. I am ready for some regression, but I am taking steps to assure a civil family. I am making t-shirts that say, "I am the big sister" and help create new roles for the Yeti to make her feel proud and useful.

Did I seriously just write this blog. I've reached a new low (or possibly a high depending on who you are)...It's time to get help! :)

Proud Dad...23.5lb bundle of joy!

One big happy family

One of the most trusted names in biking

Sunday, January 07, 2007

AR 101 Presentation

Several weeks ago Eric, Roger and I presented an introduction to Adventure Racing to a group of 15-20 eager attendees at Seattle Running Company. We went over the basics of Adventure Racing including races distances, gear, disciplines and Roger ended the presentation with a great slide show from a race he did in Patagonia.