Friday, December 15, 2006

Touching the Sky

The last visit to the orthopedic was a dose of reality, but my understanding of the severity of the break and the rehabilitation process is much clearer. I am definitely in for the long haul, but I am optimistic that if everything heals correctly I should be back to 50-75% by mid-summer. The fracture which is classified as an intracapsular fracture, which is more severe than a extracapsular fracture, as the break lies beneath the bodies blood supplies. My orthopedic’s main concern now is that the blood supply is not disturbed and we avoid avascular necrosis. Avascular necrosis is a disease that results from permanent or temporary loss of blood supply to the bone. Without blood the bone tissue dies and the bone will collapse. Avascular necrosis occurs in roughly 20-30% of patients with an femoral neck fracture. I am optimistic that with my good health and fitness that I will be in the 70-80% that this disease does not occur.

The planning for my first race is already in motion, but I am cautious not to get too excited. I am aiming for the Leadville 100 “Race Across the Sky” Mountain Bike Race. The race is enormously popular and the only way to enter is through a lottery system in January. Lance Armstrong is doing the race this year, so that should definitely up the lottery entry. The race itself is a 100 mile “out and back” high-altitude race. Starting in Leadville, CO at 10,152”, the race never dips below 9,200” with the highest point at 12,600’ above sea level. To be classified as an “official finisher” you need to complete the course in 12 hours. I am fairly confident that if I can gain my aerobic capacity back and 75% of my strength than I can compete in the race.

If you have a moment send a prayer to the healing gods care of “Aaron VanderWaal”. Your kindness will be rewarded! Peace.

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