Friday, December 15, 2006

I'm Weak.....but happy!

I’ve stated in early post about my addiction to all bike things that are shiny, new and lightweight. Yet, with countless internal conversations, 8 week detox program and several self-help books I have given into the temptation and purchased another bike (actually, I am still in discussions with my bike shop on pricing, but it sounds like they will work with me). And to make matters worse, I am purchasing the frame only, so I can piece the bike together exactly to my twisted, obsessed specifications.

The bike in question here is the new Specialized S-Works Carbon Disc. I looked at several bikes, including another Yeti AS-R or Orbea Alma, but after research I concluded that the Specialized would be best suited for my needs (if I can not reach an agreement with my bike shop then I think I will look more seriously at the Orbea).

The latest reports on the Specialized are extremely favorable. The bike from the factory with spec parts weighs in at 23.9 lbs. I am confident with the right components this can be lowered to 23 or 23.5 lbs. Does .4-.9 lbs. really matter in the big picture? Absolutely not, but I am a weak and feeble human...but, I’m happy!

My annual fix was replenished with the juicy goodness of the Specialized S-Works Carbon

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