Friday, December 01, 2006

If Harborview Manufactured Bikes

I received my first hospital bill today and I hope I have good insurance. Not including my ambulance ride, my three night stay in the luxurious Harborview cost just under $33,000 and I didn't even get a room with a view. Matter of fact I had to share my room with what I can only assume was a mental patient.

OK, so I'm sure we have all been sticker shocked over the cost of a new mountain bike. The new Specialized S-Works Epic Carbon Disc retails at $6500 (although this is one sweet piece of bike @ss)! However, this $6500 is nothing if Harborview made bikes. The titanium plate that is now fastened to my broken femur cost $3754.60. From what I can tell the piece is around 4 square inches, which equates to $938.65 per square inch! Let's try to equate this into a cost of material in building a new bike (I said try...I'm a little rusty in my mathematics).

For simplicity sake let's say the tubing diameter of our Harborview titanium mountain bike is 1" (front triangle, rear triangle, etc.). Using my Yeti AS-R as the measurement model I have measured approximately 106" of tubing. Using pi, which is the ratio of a circle circumference to it's diameter, a 1" diameter tube would equal 3.1415". Our Harborview bike would measure 333" square inches of titanium material and equate to a retail cost of $312,569.51!!!!! Oh yea, this is only the cost of the frame, but seriously what is another $3000 in components at this point.

The new Harborview full suspension titanium mountain sweet, so fast, so economical! Starting at $312,000 (frame only).

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