Monday, December 25, 2006

Adventures of Another Type

Happy Holidays everyone (all two or three of you who read this). The holidays for me are filled with many fond memories of childhood and spending time with my family. I am sure this is similar feeling for many people, but as I grow older it is less about me (surprising I know) and more about creating these same memories for Jake and Hanna (my nephew and niece). I also feel it is an moral obligation to help the unfortunate children during this time of year. This year it was a bit difficult for me to shop (broken leg) so I donated money to the Make-A-Wish and Toys for Tots. I will also be dropping off food later this week to Northwest Harvest. I know my contributions are not large, but if everyone could help out it would make a bigger difference.

I know it's cliche that kids grow up so fast, but it really is true. This year Hanna was more aware of the Christmas spirit, well at least that Santa and relatives give lots of presents. The opening of presents was a whirlwind of activity. Jake was tearing through them like a starved cheetah chasing a gazelle on the Serengeti. I think there was one point he didn't breathe or blink through 4 gifts and I'm not sure he even knew what he opened before the next prey was spotted, caught and ravaged apart.

I have a new appreciation for my parents and my brother and Lenor (his wife) for the amount of energy it take to have and raise children. After breakfast I was exhausted and promptly passed out after cooking some eggs and cheese with Hanna on her Dora "The Explorer" Kitchen set. The sounds of a Star Wars Light Saber whizzing over my head woke me and my body felt like it had been through a 4-6 hour training ride/run. I mustered the energy to dawn some 3-D glasses and look at the constellations on Jake's wall and then take a few family pictures before heading home. I'm wasted, looking forward to a good night sleep before hitting the gym tomorrow for a workout of much less intensity!

Hanna walking the runway in her new pink coat and purse.

Two Elmo's??? Which one...touch decision for a two year old.

Uncle with young Jedi and Hanna (on cell phone)

Hanna with cell phone and pony. Eric is going to have his hands full with this one.

My brother, 95 year old grandma and me.

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