Monday, December 11, 2006

35 Days Later - My Leg is Still Broken

Today marked the 5th week since the surgery to repair the femoral neck break in my left leg/hip. I met with a new orthopedic surgeon today to assess the break. Sometime over the past several weeks I conjured the illusion that I would be able to start bearing weight on my leg after 5 weeks. My doctor quickly extinguished those dreams with reality.

X-ray (above) and illustration (below) of the nifty hardware that is now holding my left femur into my hip.

The break is healing very well and he was actually surprised how much bone calcium/callus was already forming, however, I am still 4 weeks (minimum) away from putting any weight on the leg. First, 25% weight bearing and then the rehabilitation process will be approximately 25% more each 4-6 weeks. I appreciate my doctors candor, but it was a difficult pill to swallow knowing that I will not be full strength until August, September or October of 2007! He could obviously see the disappointment in my expression and in a touching doctor to patient moment he said, "you are healing well, you are young and active and you will be healthy again, but you need to let this heal. Patience is a virtue!" moment of zen!

However, Is patience really a virtue or is this a generational saying that is suppose to give you a sense of peace to balance out the frustration you feel when you hear the word “be patient”

Patience originates from the word patient, so I looked up the meaning. The meaning fit with why I was told patience is a virtue. The root word was what caught my eye though, since patient derives from the Greek word pEma and the Latin word pati, both which mean to suffer. Hmmm, now I think we are arriving to the root of the real understanding.

I admit, I am not the most patient person. I expect immediate results and they should have been done yesterday. However, I think I will heed the good docs advice, let the bone heal and come out of this as a stronger, more bionic, person.

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