Thursday, December 21, 2006

The 300 Club

This is not the pint size version of the very odd, conservative Christian show hosted by Pat Robertson, but I'm willing to go "Christian" if Pat would lay his hand on my forehead and "heal" my leg and get rid of a few "evil spirits" whiles he's at it. The 300 club is an infamous bench press club at my old gym. Although I am not a member, my old workout partner Matt and I were giving it our best shot during our lifting days. I believe our MAX was 285, a mere 15lbs from reaching godlike status! However, now with my gimp leg, I think I am going to try again for the wealth and prosperity of the club. My paltry lift of 185 today is like Star Wars, in a galaxy far, far away...from the three hundy club!

12/21 Bench Press - 185lbs
12/28 Bench Press - ??

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