Sunday, November 12, 2006


I don't know if I believe that "all things happen for a reason", but I definitely think opportunities and set backs occur and it is our responsibility to learn, understand and make the most out of each situation. I am not a philosophical person, but the past 7 days I have been thinking a lot about myself and how I would handle my current personal physical setback. I have been pretty fortunate in my life to not have incurred more serious injuries based on my activities. In my 32 years of existence I have ruptured and had my spleen removed, broken each arm, two concussions, fractured foot, broken nose, tore ligaments in my right ankle, multiple broken ribs and several less tendonitis issues. However, this past weekend I broke the femur in my left leg during a casual road ride. The pain was excrutiating and it is still pretty intense.

12" scar (on the posterior of my left left) from the surgery to fix my broken femur.

The fracture occurred on the upper femur as it nears the hip. I now have a plate and 4 screws holding my leg together. No cast, no brace, just my limp leg. The hardest part of the injury is knowing that I will not be running for 5-6 months! I will be able to swim, pool run and spin in 6-8 weeks, but no running for 1/2 year. And then it will be another 2-3 months to regain my aerobic base and another 1-2 months to gain back my speed. I am seriously looking at this time next year when I will be back to running with the same endurance and intensity. This is an extremely difficult pill to swallow to someone who is used to running 4-6 times per week. Honestly I am having difficulty
with this situation, but as each day passes the light is getting brighter. I am looking forward to the first day I can jump in the pool, spin for 15 minutes and lift a few weights. The best part of this situation is the intense appreciation I am going to have for each run, bike, swim and kayak once I am healed. Until then I am enjoying the extra time to spend with my family and friends.

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