Friday, November 24, 2006

Pill Popping and Needle Pushing

In the course of 5 minutes I have stuck a needle in my stomach, popped 4 oxycodone, 1 morphine sulfate, 1 coumadin, 2 Tylenol PM (please I want to sleep tonight), 2 senna laxative and 1 ducasant (spl?). I haven't done this much pill popping since my mid-twenties. The circumstances are different (recreational vs. medicinal), but the end results are eerie similar; dry mouth, anxiety, lack of cohesive thought process and in general a mess. Damn I am one fine piece of ass these days! (editor note: I did get a hair cut today, so at least I am no longer a wooly mammoth)

I am happy to say that I am slowing weaning myself off the goods, probably sooner than the doc expected, but I want my mind back. I'm not the smartest cookie (wait, does that even make sense), but I want to salvage whatever brain matter I have left. Someday soon I will have to be a productive component of society and the sooner I can get off the little brown, red and green pills the better. Until then I will welcome my morphine induced dreams with open arms and ride the candy cane roller coaster as it plunges through a waterfall of creamy, milk chocolate.

EPO, Testosterone, dna manipulation....sorry, just a little blood thinner. I'm clean. I know hard to imagine with a race resume like mine that I could be clean!


Mike said...

who's the kitty!! =)

THRILL said...

ready to pounce.. are you sharing the dope with the cat?