Sunday, November 19, 2006

Next Chapter

"Like sand through an hour glass, so our the Days of our Lives" (start intro music) First, let me admit, that yes, I did watch Days of our Lives in the summer of my sixth grade year. Not sure why, but I'm guessing it was some pre-pubescent stage I was going through (You have to admit that for a 12 year old boy, Hope was pretty damn hot). Second, my life does not resemble anything of the show, well except continuous love triangles, searching for serial killers in my down time and performing the occasional exorcism on demonic possessed relatives (but seriously, who doesn't). And finally, this post is not consistent with my usually adventures as it relates to my extracurricular activities, but is more related to my life.

The house I owned in Laurelhurst with my ex-fiancé official closes tomorrow and I look forward to turning over the hour glass and flipping to the next chapter in my life (and receiving the equity check). The relationship with my ex has been over for months and the closing of the house is the last component of my previous life. I have much respect for my ex and wish her a life full of happiness that she truly deserves. I am excited to enter the next chapter in my life as I look forward to meeting new people and discovering new adventures. Breaking my femur has definitely stalled the process slightly, but even from this setback, I have met new wonderful people, spent more time with my family and friends and will have a new appreciation for life once I am healed. Today marks the two week anniversary since my surgery. I will probably skip the cake (unless someone brings me a tofu/soy cake) and instead start dreaming about my first run. I'm not sure if this next chapter will be an assortment of short stories or a long plot/character building chapter, but I promise a lot of photos and pop-up pictures!

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