Saturday, November 11, 2006

My New Steed

OK, I have a problem. I don't push needles, I'm not a pediphile, drunk, pervert (not totally), etc, but I love new, shiny, lightweigh things, especially in the form of bicycles and their parts. I wrecked on my old road bike during a multisports race earlier this year. For the most part the bike was fine. The aero bars were junk and the rear deiralluer and brake were pretty messed up, but the bike would have been operational with some work. No was tainted. It had tasted the dirty road and I wanted nothing to do with the dirty, dirty bike! OK, I'm being a bit over-dramatic (just a little), but I thought this was a perfect opportunity to purchase a new road. Similar to other additictions this may have been a component to my failed engagement (she's a great girl and will find someone better to make her very happy). My AR teammate Roger was in the market for a used road bike, so the timing was perfect. We had one last spin together. It was emotional, but we both knew there were better things in the future for each other (wait am I talking about my relationship or the sale of my old road bike). I dropped her off (the bike) at Roger's and now started my search. Carbon, carbon, lightweight, lightweight, carbon...yummy! I an effort to help my pocket book, since I don't race road, I decided to purchase a new Flyte bike through my mountain bike team. Flyte is the new Airborne bikes. The SR3 is their lightweight carbon race bike. John and Tom at Triumph Multisport sold me the components and built up the new work horse. I didn't weigh her, but I'm guessing she comes in right around 18 lbs. My first ride was kick-ass. Super responsive and comfortable. Good times ahead (or so I thought...see future post).

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