Friday, November 17, 2006

Chicken Anyone?

My legs are often been referred to that of a chicken. Not sure if it's their pasty white tone or the silky smooth feeling from shaving them. More than likely it's that lack of muscle on the lower or upper extremities that causes this reference. OK, so I have legs that resemble that of our barnyard friend the chicken! However, I am amazed that these little guys have enough power to ride and run over the steep hills that I often encounter during training ride/runs and races. Admittedly I am not the fastest, but take those in front of me, eliminate 50% of their leg muscles and let's see who is leading who. Enough with the alpha male BS...not my thing. This winter was supposed to be the season of transformation for my legs. I had vowed to run double and triple Mt. Si's weekly with my teammate Roger and hit the weight room. Roger is training for the H.U.R.T. 100 miler in Hawaii, so he had no problem agreeing to this weekly event. It would also be advantageous for him to get me to perform this weekly workout, so he would no longer have to tow my skinny ass on steep trekking ascents.

Unfortunately the mighty alteration of my legs into might diesel pumping power houses went out the window when I decided to do my best impression of Joseba Beloki in the 03 Tour. I have accepted this fate, but what has surprised me the most is the atrophy is my leg since the injury. I am just shy of two weeks since I broke my femur and already my left leg, even with swelling, is 1.5" in diameter smaller than my right leg. I find this amazing since there wasn't much muscle to start. This actually terrifies me a much smaller can my leg get. I am hoping not much, but will keep you updated on the amazing shrinking leg.

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